Sunday, 20 December 2009

39. Wot U Call It?, Wiley (2004)

This takes me back to the Archway flat, our dying days, the new TV in the corner like a beacon of light, its ten billion channels keeping our eyes blinking. Wiley's Wot U Call It? offered us a glimmer of brightness on those cold, dark evenings, the video's sharp colours and briskness making us smile, the boys bouncing around the turntables making us laugh, the two of us lapping up the daftness of the melody at the beginning – a sketch from an Oliver Postgate programme gone wonky, gone harebrained, gone gaga – while Barry sang along, "wot u call it - urban? Ka ka ka ka ka KAAAA!"

Me looking at his sweet little face, feeling a grin light mine up, reminding me why we had started this, even though it was ending, making me glad that we'd been there for each other.

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