Sunday, 15 November 2009

4. Move Your Feet, Junior Senior (2003)

Everyone forgets how huge this song was in 2003. Well, everyone apart from my friend Stuart Evers, perhaps. When I think of it now, I think back to the house parties we had over that sweltering summer, every beer-soggy carpet being pummelled by the thuds and twists of trainer soles, and Stuart's poor face crumpling as he looked at us. It would do so with sadness or horror, depending on the depth of his resilience, and how much booze he'd had for tea.

Six years on, the song sounds very distant to me – a rag-bag of novelty bells and whistles, all clanging and clunking – but it also brings back happy memories of Lucy, Dave and Neil C pogoing around Cowper Road, and me sitting on a sofa with my then-boyfriend Barry, drinking cheap wine, laughing at the dancing toast in the pixellated video on lazy Saturday mornings. So it still makes me smile, and – with apologies to Stuart – it still makes my feet twitch.


  1. It's the ephemera like this that really brings back the memories. Enjoying the blog - thanks.

  2. When i heard this song i thought it would be perfect for a Cartoon Network TV promo. Funny thing was they even put this song on a spot a few months later.

  3. I was in my first year of university when this came out, on an six week Easter break we enjoyed every year as our exams were so late. I was working in a sorting office lumping sacks of light parcels into coded bins. The nearest thing I've come to hard physical work bar a paper-round. It was one of the most boring jobs ever and I had to 'treat myself' by seeing if I has a text every 20 mins on my crappy Nokia 3210. A midst all this lunch breaks were entirely taken up by watching the developments from 'Shock and Awe' in Iraq on BBC News 24. Aside from listening to The White Stripes' Elephant in the car on the way in and out when this song would pop on the radio amongst 'Clocks', 'In Da Club', 'Bandages' and any number of Justin Timberlake singles it was a real highlight, as was returning to university and all my friends to discuss the ridiculous video with it's non-alcoholic nut juice amongst my friends.